Petersen Automotive Museum, LA

IMG_2862.jpgWhat can I expect to see at the Petersen Automotive Museum? The Petersen Automotive Museum is a nonprofit organization that displays over one-hundred  vehicles in its twenty-five galleries for people to see. This museum is located in Los Angeles on Wilshire Boulevard along Museum Row. This museum is one of the world’s largest automotive museums.

Half of the collection is kept in a “vault,” which is in the basement level of the building. This vault is open during certain hours of the day, so go early so you can catch it before it closes. However, the three other floors are open all day.

I decided to take Kyan to the Petersen Automotive Museum because he loves cars so much. Furthermore, he loves the movie Back to the Future, and this museum has the actual car that they used in the movie. I was so excited to take him here! I was a bit concerned that I may be bored, given that I am not as versed in cars as he was, but I actually had so much fun! I enjoyed looking at their vast collections and learning about the cars’ history, their characteristics, their engines, and their development. I recommend this place to all people! Here are a few pictures I took while I was there:







I just realized that I was so busy looking at cars, that I forgot to take more pictures. I’ll definitely have to go back!



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